Free Diver Dies Trying to Break World Record


This photo got me thinking that many of us will never know when death shall come upon us. This dear soul knew clearly. As he rose to the surface he hopes to feel oxygen filling his lungs but had 10 to 15 precious seconds to realize that wouldn’t happen. That his lungs had shrunk and were perhaps filled with water or blood or both. And so he had that brief time to decide perhaps, was it worth it, or figure out what went wrong, or ask for God, or remember a loved one. Who knows? What got me thinking is whether this ephemeral experience of the cognizance of one’s own imminent death is a blessing or a curse. Or both.


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  1. Jolly Heath

    My gut response was that it’s a curse. Who wants to know death is coming – right now?! It’s inconceivably horrifying, but, before I could finish that thought, I found myself wondering about the blessing side.

    Maybe it would help somehow to have a few seconds to prepare for the unknown. However, this reminds me of the moment you realize the exam is in 5 minutes, it’s impossible to study any more, and the only thing left to do is relax and begin. Once you acknowledge the nearly immediate inevitability of your own death, maybe your emotions transition from fear to acceptance, then possibly relief and if there’s still a second or two, excitement for whatever awaits in chapter two.

    So, what do I think? This one’s got me teetering. I’m scared, but also fascinated and curious. If there is “a light”, then I think I’d rather walk through it with my eyes open than closed.

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