Designed in California, Made in China

The end card on the latest Apple ad, which states, “Designed by Apple in California,” got me thinking that Apple dost proclaim, rather than protest, too much. This claim leads me to think while it’s all well and good that they are designing in California, it’s also quite a shame that they are not paying federal corporate taxes here in the USA, home to California, and that their products are actually manufactured in massive sweatshops by Chinese laborers being paid slave wages. I wonder if that was their intent?‬

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  1. David Hovgaard

    They are all doing it not because they want to lower prices but so the upper management to make more money. the whole reason to move off shore is higher profit’s not lower prices. Apple is just more smarmy about it. This is a company that believes it own bullshit. they actually believe that they are innovative when all they are is just another company that copies someone else’s tech.

  2. Robert Miller

    Sure does. The folks who buy Apple products don’t care if the products they buy are made in sweat shops or pollute the earth just as long as the can tune into their overpriced tunes so they can tune out of reality.

  3. Henry Garnet

    Criticizing Apple. How avant-garde. Why not tackle the scores of other companies that follow similar, if not worse, practices (including Samsung, one of your own clients, by the way). Google “Samsung” and “child abuse” and get back to us on “what you’re thinking”, Smith.

  4. Wells Lyons

    Greg, right on. You could take the audio – the sparse notes, the short declarative statements – and play it to video of workers at Foxconn for a fairly powerful counterargument. “This is it. This is what matters. The experience of a product. How it will make someone feel. Will it make life better?”

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