Corporate Profits Soar as Worker Income Limps

Reading this article in the New York Times got me thinking. What will become of our children? Burdened with debt so they could obtain overpriced degrees, only to enter a market that does not seek or value their labor, but rather only profits? At the expense of country, the common good and the basic foundations of human decency. Read the paragraph where United Technologies is laying off 3,000 workers despite record profits and productivity. And then tell me, who amongst us thinks this is a good thing? Put aside your bogus political ideology of the left and the right, and if you won’t think of your nation or your neighbor, at least think of your children.

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  1. Anonymous

    What will become of our children? What will become of us. I for one am one of those “children” with an overpriced degree and crippling debt and not enough income to cover it despite valiant efforts to do so. I will say that I’ve come out all the stronger because of it but I also have to admit that each time I make a loan payment it pains me because the interest rate is so high that the payments I can afford to make each month aren’t enough to cover it. The number just never seems to go down. I guess you’re right though. If I’m this bad off, what WILL become of our children? Personally based on my own experience, I vote the route of apprenticeship, not overpriced education. We should encourage our children to test out several fields as part time jobs or apprenticeships while still in high school and work from there into a field they find interesting, rather than dump money on an expensive piece of paper that (by then) will probably render quite meaningless. This allows them to learn for free (or possibly be paid to learn) while they contribute to society, rather than cause them to dig a hole too deep for them to later climb their way out of.

  2. Greg

    I’ve been thinking similarly. An apprenticeship is a more personal, richer experience. Of course it requires that one know what they want to do in life at an early age which can be limiting.

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